Dalian Medical University, China

Located at Dalian, Liaoning Province, China.

Dallan Medical University, China

Dalian Medical University, China

Founded in 1947, with former name of Kanto Medical School, Dalian Medical University was incorporated into Dalian University in 1949 and named Medical School of Dalian University. It was separated from Dalian University in 1950 and named Dalian Medical School. In 1969, it was immigrated to Zunyi, Guizhou Province and called Zunyi Medical School. While Dalian Medical School was re-established in the original address in 1978 and renamed as Dalian Medical University in 1994. Now it has been a medical university with main feature of medicine education and comprehensive development of several subjects including science, engineering, management, art, law and philosophy, etc.

Main campus of the school has more than 1,300 permanent teaching and administrative staff. It has 1 national “Thousand Talents Plan” candidate, 4 distinguished professors of “Cheung Kong Scholars Program” of the Ministry of Education; 4 holders of “National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars”, 1 leading pioneer of national “Ten Thousand Talent Program”, 5 candidates of New Century National Talent Project, 1 candidate of national “Youth Thousand Talent Project”, 2 holders of “National Science Fund for Excellent Young Scholars”, 2 national middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions, 5 middle-aged and young experts with outstanding contributions of Ministry of Health, 3 candidates of “New Century Excellent Talents Supporting Plan” of Ministry of Education, 75 experts enjoying the State Council special allowance; 17 “Climbing Scholars” of Liaoning institutes of higher education, and 28 Distinguished Professors of Liaoning Province. Teaching and administrative staff and medical personnel are totally more than 8,600 in the university, among which more than 800 are of senior professional title and almost 900 are of vice senior professional title, Doctoral tutor of more than 160 people, postgraduate and doctoral supervisors are more than 1,300.

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