International Humanitarian University, Ukraine

Located at St. Fountain Road, Odesssa, Ukraine

Establishment of a new university is an exceedingly complicated, large-scale and laborious cause, which is based on an idea, concept, leadership and intensive collective work. Fate appeared extremely favorable for International Humanitarian University. The idea of its creation was generated by Sergiy V.Kivalov, a person who possesses rare and undoubtedly remarkable qualities required for the success of exactly such outstanding projects, for it was the University’s president who during these fifteen years has been the inspirer and organizer of all small and great deeds that were steadily leading the University from an achievement to the following one. Therefore, the University celebrates its 15th birthday with amazing achievements reflecting the rapid dynamics of development and consolidation whereas its staff members are full of confidence in their future. Reflecting over the first steps of IHU from the 15-years distance  and comparing the initial level and the present day state of the University’s facilities one cannot but be astonished at the large scale of the work done and the quality of achievements. When the University “veterans” pass by the modest two-storied house in Akademicheskaya Street, they remember with agitation that  it is in these premises that the future University was born.

Presently the University encompasses Medical Institute, Institute of National and International Law and three faculties: those of Economics and Management, Linguistics and Translation, Art and Design. Furthermore, two colleges operate within the University, namely Economic and Law College and Medical College.

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