South Ukranian National Pedagogical University, Ukraine

Located at Odessa, Ukraine

South Ukranian National Pedagogical University named after K. D. Ushynsky is a member of International Association of Universities, East European Association of Universities, Association of European Universities, International Association of Pedagogical Universities of Central and Eastern Europe, Swedish National Scientific Association, AGEC – “European Association of Choral Communities for Public Activity”, European Council’s Higher Education and Research Committee (Strasburg), Norwegian-Ukrainian University Alliance, a well-known European organization “Observatory of the Magna Charta”. The university collaborates with more than 100 Ukranian educational institutions and numerous universities in Europe, Asia and America. At present, there are 12 academicians, almost 70 Doctors of Sciences, professors; 18 lecturers educators hold the titles of Honorary Workers of Science, Education, Arts and Sports; they are laureates of state prizes. A great number of scientists have received international awards; they are members of various national and international academies, communities and associations.

The University is proud of its sports achievements: 25 Olympic champions, more than 50 champions and winners of European and World Championships, 29 Honoured Coaches and Masters of Sports of USSR, Ukraine, etc.

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